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HAKIMI ABDUL JABAR (A.J. HAKIMI) is the Founder, Global Legal Advisor, Chief Software Developer, Investment Manager and Consultant of legitimately registered THE SOFTWARE SUITE. A practising lawyer till 31 December 2019 and former legal officer (prosecution & litigation) of EPF Malaysia - one of the world's largest pension and retirement funds.  A former manager at Citigroup Sales and Outsourcing Services - a subsidiary of one of the world's largest banking and financial institution groups.  He excels as a Fund and Money Management Advisory and Consultancy, niche FinTech software development and advisory and consultancy, international business, trade, investments advisory and consultancy, securities trading consultancy etc.  He is also the creator-developer of the live-tested, tried, proven and pubished by a THIRD PARTY VERIFIER FX BLUE, the MelBar™ Eureka Profitize™ RoboTrade FinTech Software MT5 that has a 16.3% WEEKLY RETURN and 88.8% MONTHLY RETURN and 85% TRADE WINNING PERCENTAGE WITH NO RISK OF RUIN on a REAL LIVE SECURITIES TRADING ACCOUNT and is also the creator-developer of the seminal and life-changing Quit Smoking Today Software Suite.  He is an award-winning best-selling published author-writer and as A.J. Hakimi, a music-composer as well as a secularist humanitarian.  He holds an LLB (Hons) from the University of Wolverhampton, Britain, Certificate in Legal Practice (Hons) from the Legal Profession Qualifying Board, Verified Certificate in Humanitarian Response from HarvardX-edX, professional degree certification in the Capital Markets and Securities Analyst program from Corporate Finance Institute of Vancouver, Canada.  He is also an accomplished composer-musical artiste with published and released musical singles and Music CD Album under his belt as A.J. Hakimi.


He has professionally certified skills and knowledge in such areas among others :


Business Ethics

Organizational Culture

Capital Markets

Hedge Funds


Behavioral Finance

Decision Making Biases and Errors

Information Processing Errors

How Decisions Are Impacted By Others

Fixed Income Products and Markets

Pricing Fixed Income Securities and Duration

Yield Curve Analysis

Capital Markets Overview

Business Valuation Overview

Mergers & Acquisitions

Debt Financing

Equity Financing

Accounting Fundamentals

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Cash Flow Statement





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