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The Software Suite and A.J. Hakimi (Hakimi Abdul Jabar) are the authorised Partners and Investment Introducing Brokers of ACY Securities Pty. Ltd. of Australia, an ASIC-regulated Securities Trading brokerage.

Formerly a practising lawyer, A.J. Hakimi has wide experience in FinTech advisory, international business and trade consultancy, Forex and commodities trading consultancy, corporate and individual clientele advisory etc.  A.J. Hakimi is a professionally certified World-Class Capital Markets and Securities Analyst and Investment Manager.

The Software Suite invests in financial technologies to overcome the challenges of security, speed and convenience and get ahead in the market.  We anchor machine learning and AI tools with combined services to enhance interactions and trading and business decisions much more effectively.  We attend to our global clientele by utilizing messaging technology such as Skype, Hangouts, WhatsApp, email and Telegram apart from the conventional facsimile.

The Software Suite publishes Securities Trading FinTech Solutions for the MT4 & MT5 trading platform terminals.  As an example MelBar™ Eureka Profitize™ RoboTrade FinTech Software MT5 has been tried, tested and proven and its Report and Results published on a 3rd. Party platform, FX Blue with 88.8% Monthly return and 85% Trade Winning Percentage.

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